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A few months back I was given the huuuge job of illustrating various kung fu styles and diagrams for a instructional book- here’s some of the images! My favorites were when I had to translate the moves into the animals that inspired them to begin with:

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How lucky am I??


Earlier this year I was lucky enough to do an illustration of my favorite composer and big artistic inspiration- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! Nothing more fun then being paid to draw your idol! The image is being used as part of an app made to teach kids pieces of Mozart music (unfortunately I dont think the app is finished yet so I cant link to it!)

New chapters for both my webcomics!

Well, my two web comics are both still going strong, and both has recently started new chapters! Click on the pictures as they will take you to the websites for each comic!


Strangers and Friends is on Chapter 7 now (and only two chapters away from being complete!)

My other comic Headcase, which is a collab between myself and Holly Caddick (fellow comic artist) is on it’s second chapter!

Both of these comics are updated once a week, and of course are free free free to read!!

The monthly run of Squirrels ends here

…with these last two squirrels, the lovely Prevost’s Squirrel, which looks more like a mink to me:


And the Variegated Squirrel. Look at those markings! I specifically wanted to show the wide variety of squirrels you can get, I hope you enjoyed them!squiggle5


Next week I’ll be posting up a new weekly animal illustration series for June, what will it be?? :D


And if anyone can be bothered to read this far, I have a special blog-exclusive present for followers of my blog <3 A Squirrel wallpaper~


You can download it here, and the link will only be up until next month!

Here have a Squirrel!

     So I’ve decided to start a little project, where each month I will choose a different type of animal and illustrate them each week.

This month I’ve decided to go with squirrels! You’d be surprised by how many different types you get!

This week’s Squirrel is a Eurasian Red, they also come in other colours though!