New Year, new blog content!

I’m gonna do my best to update more often, I’m sure many artists all over the place are trying to keep the same resolution haha.

For starters, much like my weekly animal project started last year, this year I’m going to make a dog parade, updated every week with a new dog! Let’s start with…


A Bassett Hound! :)

2 big cats this week

I was away at Thought Bubble selling comics last weekend, alongside my friends at Sweatdrop! Thought Bubble was super fun, and as always, full of more amazing small press comics then I could end up buying!

So, I missed out on my weekly animal- so have two this week! First, a leopard….


And next…another leopard! But this time without the spots- that’s right, panthers are actually just leopards or jaguars that happen to not have those spotty markings!